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The SmartDesk product is targeted towards budding IoT enthusiasts, students as well as experienced professionals who want to enter the world of IoT in an accessible manner. Throughout the process, individuals can learn the inner workings of IoT and cloud platforms through a series of video tutorials and an instruction manual that provides a step-by-step method to construct and utilize the product. This product is one of it’s kind where the prime objective is to give a great user experience in terms of developing an IoT product. It includes not only required hardware but also is compatible with cloud and comes with an Android application which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Privacy Control System

The SmartDesk system can be used to protect your desk at all times from intruders

Smart Display

The SmartDesk has a display that tells you the time, weather and other information

Smart Scale

The Smart Scale can be used to measure any small distances from an object

AutoLED System

The AutoLED system turns on automatically when no light sources are detected

App Controlled

The SmartDesk can be controlled remotely from your smartphone using the SmartDesk Android application

Internet Based Real-time Clock

The time displayed on the Smart Display is real-time and is updated by the internet continually

Cloud Connected

The SmartDesk operates and communicates via the cloud with your smartphone at all times

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